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Photoshop has a steep learning curve. It has a vast array of features that a beginning user might find difficult to work with. There’s simply no way to have a thorough knowledge of everything in Photoshop without investing a lot of time to learn the editor. Learn to love it. It’s the only image program you’ll ever need.

The Photoshop interface

Figure 9-1 shows a typical window that Photoshop presents you with when you first run the program. The layers window displays all the layers on your image in the form of two overlapping rectangles. Elements to the right show the pixels underneath the layers and can be used to preview pixel information at any pixel location on the layer you are editing. The selection window (shown on the left in Figure 9-1) is a tool that allows you to create selections.

**Figure 9-1:** Layers show the current image with transparency.

Choose Photoshop⇒Preferences to open the Photoshop Preferences dialog box (see Figure 9-2) for access to many of Photoshop’s features.

**Figure 9-2:** The Photoshop Preferences dialog box offers many features to control how the program operates.

The Layers window

The Layers window is the main way you work with layers. Like layers in the image shown in Figure 9-3, Photoshop layers are related to your image in the form of overlapping rectangles. The Rectangle layer type has a thin black outline. You can easily add a new layer at any location and attach it to an existing layer; create a new layer by selecting New Layer from the Layers menu; duplicate an existing layer; or create a new composite image from one or more layers.

**Figure 9-3:** Layers are the main way you work with images in Photoshop.

The window allows you to control how layers behave when you use other Photoshop tools. The order is as follows:

• The active layer. This is the layer that is being worked on. You can select other layers using the Selection panel on the right side of the Layers window.

• Clipboard. Photoshop retains the area on your image where you cut or copy an object or image and automatically stores it in the layer’s clipping mask, making it appear that the object is the visible portion of the layer and not the layer below it.

• Layer masks. This tool is used to mask areas of a layer, obscuring any changes made to the contents of that layer.

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 essential features

1. New and improved algorithms

The original algorithms used for creating and editing photographs were created in the 1970s. In 1991, Adobe created Photoshop which included new features such as layers and smart objects to make photo editing easier and faster. Photoshop CS6 boasts new and improved algorithms, especially in the areas of noise reduction, sharpening, colour correction, and in the area of white balance.

2. Powerful image editing tools

Adobe Photoshop CS6 includes all the features of Photoshop, but has a simpler and more intuitive interface. Photoshop allows you to edit photos and create new images with ease. Some of the powerful new features include support for 3D layers, blending modes, background replacement, selective colour, spot healing, blur tools, sharpen, and clone stamp.

3. Improved intelligence

Photoshop CS6 includes tools that work together to make your image editing quick, easy and accurate.

4. Full support for almost all file formats

Photoshop CS6 works well with all file formats including JPEG, PSD, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and EPS.

5. Better quality

Photoshop is the world’s most widely used tool for editing photographs. If your photo needs to be of the highest quality, then it is only natural to use the professional version of Photoshop. One of the new features introduced in Photoshop CS6 is the ability to work on different RAW files at the same time. This is especially useful for photographers who want to create a panorama or stitch together more than one RAW file.

6. Various improvements

There are many ways to work with RAW files in Photoshop, including the Raw image dialog. RAW files can be used to save multiple edits before converting them to a new file format. Photoshop CS6 boasts improved noise reduction, better colour editing tools, brush strokes, vector shapes, and more.

7. Ease of use

All the features of Photoshop CS6 are right there on your computer’s desktop, so you can quickly drag and drop files and images.

8. Touch support

Many of the tools and functions in Photoshop are redesigned to work with touch.

9. Shareable

You can easily share your creations in Creative Cloud with other Photoshop users.

10. Seamless integration

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular tools used by graphic designers, web designers, photographers,

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Intentions – Sekizai Mode – Application EXAMPLE
Intentions – Mode Sekizai – Application EXAMPLE

Intentions – Sekizai Mode – Application
Intentions – Mode Sekizai – Application

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Civil Impunity: Desire to Criminalize Rape in India

Rape, both rape of men and women, by the state has become a matter of serious public concern. Unfortunately, even though there has been a phenomenal response to civil, socio-political and socio-legal ways of dealing with gender-based violence since the first Women’s March on New York City in 1991, the situation has remained virtually unchanged, even though reforms have been promulgated and implemented.

Sharing this grave concern, at a recent seminar on ‘Concepts of Violence in Modern Society’ organised by the Sridevi Institute for Social and Development Studies and the Sridevi Institute for Legal Studies (SILS), on July 14, 2013, in New Delhi, a discussion on the concept of ‘civil impunity’ and the problem of rape in society was held.

The speaker on the topic was Mr P.N. Rajeevan, Lecturer, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Legal Studies, S.V. College for Women, University of Delhi, and Visiting Associate Professor, School of Law, De Paul University, Chicago.

Addressing the gathering in the seminar, which was attended by the heads of various institutions and universities of Delhi, Mr Rajeevan drew attention to the institution of police and the subsequent impunity that it has brought about in India’s criminal justice system.

He said that in a society where rape of a woman by a man is a criminal offence, the institution of police has become the principal instrument in ensuring that women do not avail the protection of criminal justice in relation to gender-based violence.

In India, however, as police investigations happen before any court hearing takes place, the police can simply file closure report and that fact that the case was closed would prevent a survivor of rape from claiming it as an important part of her evidence.

In this context, while all states and Union Territories have made provisions for swift, independent and speedy investigation of all crimes against women, only five states – Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi – have established special fast track courts to adjudicate cases of rape, sexual assault and stalking. This means that the moment a woman discloses that she has been raped by her husband or by someone in his family, police file an FIR in a jurisdiction outside that of the woman’s residence.

As a result, the victim of rape is forced to approach police

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