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Al-Arabi Satellite TV () is an Arab language television channel based in Beirut, Lebanon. It is named after the Arabic language newspaper Al-Arabi. Al-Arabi Satelit, a new television channel, is owned by Dubai-based Zain Lebanon.

Al-Arabi was first launched in 1994 and the channel stopped broadcasting in 2004. On 4 April 2004, the channel started again and is available on the Middle East and North Africa region. The channel uses satellite delivery, but airs via a BNG satellite.

In 2004, the channel aired mainly Arabic series, films, television advertisements and comedy series. In 2007, the channel was renamed “Al-Arabi Satat” and started airing a mix of Lebanese and Arabic programs, including the Lebanese 10 A.M. program hosted by Assaf el-Khal. Other programs include Al-Kahf al-Arabi, WAQF and Wajha. WAQF, which is broadcast on Saturday and Sunday evenings is a quiz program.

On September 11, 2008, the channel was relaunched and replaced all Arabic-language programmes with religious and moral-based programs, airing only 1 hour of news a day. Al-Arabi no longer broadcasts sports-related shows or films.

On 13 October 2008, the channel started broadcasting infomercials.


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Category:Arabic-language television stations
Category:Television channels and stations established in 2004

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