The Elden Ring, an all-powerful organization that serves as a provider of in-game goods for adventurers, arose from an ancient prophecy and took shape as an organization of fearsome heroes whose goal is to establish its rule in the Lands Between, a place unaltered by the Void, and to protect the monsters of the past.

* A full, epic drama that happens in parallel to the events of the “Unidentified Monsters Village.” The “Lands Between,” a place where monsters that have protected the Lands Beyond appear, and where the Elden Ring is awaiting the birth of a god, is the stage where a battle between the Elden Ring and the monsters will begin.
* Gather Elden Knights from various countries and gather their power to take on the monsters that threaten the Lands Between.

* Various scenarios that the monsters have placed in the Lands Between, and the events that progress among the nations of each scenario.

※ Mechanics of the game:
This game will not be an action game. The goal of “Elden Ring Saga: A Vivid Chronicle” is not to provide an entertaining game, but rather to offer a profound experience with a sense of closure.

※ Required items:
Please ensure that you have sufficient space available for the game.

※ Recommended items:
Please ensure that you have sufficient space available for the game.
• This title contains content depicting scenes of violence.
• This title contains content depicting scenes of eroticism.

If you are under 18, for more information about the content in this game, please contact your local game publisher.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Warm and Upbeat Drama with Deepened Character
  • An Epic Adventure Video Game with Strong Game Mechanics
  • A World Full of Confusion and Depth
  • A Unique Online Game with Great Connectivity
  • Interesting Battles with Uncertain Results
  • System Features

    • Play the game with no penalties or compromises.
    • Excellent graphics for a mid-level game.
    • Positive messages without unnecessary cursing.
    • Various actions to combat enemies in battle.
    • A history of the Elden Ring canon.
    • A rich storyline full of twists and turns.
    • Monster Dungeons are overflowing with difficult challenges.

    Next, we will show you some exclusive screenshots.

    Elden Ring—Epsios Vision

    Epsios Vision is a custom development environment that supports you in your development of various games.
    It is possible to create games with high life-likeness and without bugs.
    We will use it to release an astounding fantasy RPG.

    Elden Ring

    As in the name, the classic fantasy RPG Elden Ring, which is convenient to play, has been updated.

    Here, we will show you some screenshots of the PlayStation Vita version.

    The types of characters you can select include those from the main series and the additional characters that have been provided separately.

    I’ll keep updating more screenshots as I continue developing the game


    Elden Ring Crack

    By Paula on March 02, 2016 | Elden Ring Full Crack | Reviews



    Not much to say about the game, graphics really are nice. There isn’t much to tell, but the game is excellent!

    By Solomon on February 25, 2016 | ELDEN RING | Reviews



    The game has a lot of potential to be amazing. The graphics are really nicely done and the story is very good (if you can handle a fantasy RPG story). The gameplay is very polished and being able to explore and learn and play with other people is a great bonus. Despite not being over-hyped (it was missing a lot of hype at E3) it is a solid RPG with a lot of potential. This is my first Elder Scrolls V (its numbered after all).

    By zhaker on October 09, 2015 | ELDEN RING | Reviews


    Another great installment in the Elder Scrolls franchise!

    The sheer amount of things you can do and the amount of depth and detail that comes in every little nook and cranny of this game are just incredible. I strongly recommend this to all RPG enthusiasts who are looking for some great adventures.

    By ep76 on September 25, 2015 | ELDEN RING | Reviews



    Loved every minute. The game definitely deserves the success it has had, and I hope that Bethesda/Zenimax continues its run with older titles!

    By johnkalisko on August 16, 2015 | ELDEN RING | Reviews



    Loved the graphics and just had an overall fun time with this game.

    By fabulouse on June 27, 2015 | ELDEN RING | Reviews



    Fantastic experience

    By badwhale on May 26, 2015 | ELDEN RING | Reviews



    This game is outstanding, the graphics are top notch, the story is fun and exciting. I also really enjoyed the sense of progression and growth of my character and his abilities. If you like RPGs, go give this a shot, you will not regret it.

    By Samgal15 on April 20, 2015 | ELDEN RING | Reviews



    Elden Ring Download PC/Windows 2022

    Heavy-duty action of iconic RPG

    An epic epic drama

    A deep story with plenty of contents

    ・Tools & menus

    Texts ・Battle 4

    Languages ・EN, JP, KR, TW, TR, ZH

    A new story in the world of Elden Ring game


    Untouched world is a special place

    The vast open world has a large variety of contents that allow you to freely explore.

    In addition to the open world, you can experience a unique time loop in which your death continues to repeat.

    Discover all sorts of interesting events by dying.

    (For English, There are localized versions of the Dialogue Log as sidequests)

    ・Gameplay 4
    ・Tools & menus

    Texts ・Battle 5

    Languages ・EN, JP, KR, TW, TR, ZH

    Re-tell the story of the world!

    The adventure begins.

    Select the characteristics of your character and choose your path with your own heart!

    Follow the story of a knight revived from the dead!

    (For English, There are localized versions of the Dialogue Log as sidequests)

    ・Tools & menus

    Texts ・Battle 6

    Languages ・EN, JP, KR, TW, TR, ZH

    Defend against the hordes of the apocalypse!

    A gigantic, treacherous dungeon awaits you.

    Put on full armor and take up your mighty weapons to take on the strong enemies that have come from beyond the grave.

    It’s time to test your strength…

    (For English, There are localized versions of the Dialogue Log as sidequests)

    ・Tools & menus

    Texts ・Battle 7

    Languages ・EN, JP, KR, TW, TR, ZH

    Survive in a world of horror, chasing death

    A desert filled with violent monsters and the mighty army of evil.

    Wear armor made from various materials, and utilize spells that create devastating effects to stop the afflictions of the undead.


    What’s new:

    Ancient, majestic, or the very spirit of… uh… white pizza? Possibly the most challenging real-time strategy game you may ever experience. I daresay it’s the first time you hear the phrase "editors’ cut" fall on deaf ears, but we don’t want to make this post about just Hoban White. I want to talk with you, among other things, about the Reus game Red Dead Redemption 2: Jinglebell, the titular star of the last post.

    Last time, I profiled the Hoban White Short Story, Jinglebell, one of the characters from the eponymous 2013 Red Dead Redemption 2 game. In that text, I also shared screen shots of some of the flashbacks, as the game went back and forth in time to explain some of the events in Jinglebell’s back story (in this case, Jinglebell’s "mother" dying and the simultaneous theft of an old shirt and hat).

    The game itself is a visual feast for the eyes, with its artistic style using not only Western landscapes, but also caricaturized Native American people. The flashbacks are like a form of prequel to the story of the main characters (together, their “family”), showing how the character came to be in the Wild West.

    The game’s


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    Online Activation ELDEN RING game!

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    To activate online, please go to Uplay and select ‘Activate through Uplay’.
    Choose option ‘Activate Online’ and connect your EA Account.

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  • News:

    December 17, 2018 – Updated Google Play

    Everything updated. The file line has been fixed.

    • Update the Play Store list
    • Download the update link

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    System Requirements:

    * Minimum version of Minecraft required to play is 1.6.2
    * At least 1GB of RAM
    * 32-bit or 64-bit Windows operating system
    * 2 GHz CPU or faster (recommended)
    * 8GB of free hard drive space
    * 512MB or more of video memory
    * Internet connection required (to download game and media updates)
    Installation Instructions:
    1. Install Minecraft.
    2. Download and install EA Mobile Launcher.
    3. Download the game from the Official PlayStation


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