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Why its giving me only four files when I run the command from within the folder?


Well, that’s a lot of stuff to learn.
First, you need to know that you can’t have the same command in same directory if it produces a directory or more than one file.
Second, find also produces a lot of output. You need to use -maxdepth n
Third, find does not search subdirectories recursively (this way the find command in a bash script can find files or directories on sub-directories). You need -type f for that.
Fourth, the find command does not support wildcard such as * or? for skipping certain files or directories. You need to look at -exec… {} + (some other variants in different shells) to handle that.
Having said that, a simple command should give you what you want:
find. -type f -iname “*.odt” -exec sed’s/./double-dash/g’ {} \;

It does:

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