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Roblox is a game development platform offered free of charge and intended for users aged 12 years or older. The platform allows users to create various types of games, including social or massively multiplayer online games, in a similar manner to that of Minecraft. Users can also modify games created by others, and a variety of game genres are supported. Users earn Robux by playing Roblox games, and this virtual currency can be exchanged for the game’s virtual items.
Roblox games are generally free to download, and some premium games have been released for a fee. Though Roblox has been criticized for poor moderation practices that harm children, it has been praised for making its platform available to all, including children, as well as for teaching coding to users. As a result, the platform has gained popularity among children, including in the United States.
Roblox was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, and the first version of the platform was released in 2006. Initially, Roblox offered only a single game development environment for users to create and share games. As of 2019, the platform has released over 200 games, and these games have been downloaded over 40 billion times. Roblox’s popularity has grown substantially in the second half of the 2010s, especially following the arrival of the Harry Potter universe in 2016.
The Roblox logo became known to a wider audience with the release of the 2017 film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The film is centered on a young rebel named Mon Mothma and her alliance with rebels to save their home planet, which are featured prominently in the logo.
Roblox was created to be a place that would bring people together to have fun and build their imagination. The two creators, David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, had been friends since childhood and had wanted to create an online community that people could come together in. They sought to create an all-encompassing platform that had both virtual and social aspects. They wanted to create games that users could play together with others, and they wanted to develop technology that would appeal to children.
Roblox emerged from a community of friends of David and Erik who wanted to create their own games and desired a platform where they could continue to develop their skills. David and Erik created Roblox to give them a place to share and play their own games with the people they knew. To help attract more users, they developed the virtual currency Rob


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Game creator and director David Baszucki on his new shooter game ‘Battlegrounds’ and the game changing Steam Controller.

PAX East 2014 has ended. The show officially wraps up tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, April 21st, but today is the last day of shows, keynote speeches, and the like. We wrapped up this morning with a short interview with David Baszucki. The CEO of 1337 Design Studios, David talked about how the Steam Controller changes gaming, how he got his start at Roblox as a visual artist, and how his team is trying to develop social. We asked him about some of his favorite moments at PAX East 2014 and he had some good ones. Read More

PAX East 2014 has come and gone but there are still many of us just traveling around. Today we’re going to write a few of our impressions of the gaming show. In this article we’ll be sharing what our favorite games were from Pax East 2014, gaming to watch out for, and some general comments on what we thought of the convention. We’ll finish off our PAX East 2014 coverage with a wrap up at the PAX Play (PS3) event in April.

Games We Loved


The Gabe Newell and Mark Rein-designed shooter game Battlegrounds was one of the standouts at PAX East 2014. We caught up with David Baszucki the game’s creator and director of 1337 Design Studios who explained a few things about the game.

“The game is inspired by conflict in many wars, but it also features the character of the Steam controller,” explains David. “It was designed to be intuitive, and for people who don’t really know the mechanics of shooting, it’s pretty easy to learn.”

“Battlegrounds is designed for combat; it’s inspired by being in a war zone and fighting for your survival. But it’s also designed to be a great shooter, which will please many people,” Baszucki adds.

The game also has great graphic effects and it’s fully customizable. As David states, “Battlegrounds is really about role-playing, and part of the fun of the game is customizing the character.”

“We have the ability to control various parts of the player character,


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