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A pixelated humanoid shaped creature that appears in video games.

1) In a game, can be owned by a player, or it can be owned by the game itself. It may not move around by itself. Usually it’s in some kind of a vehicle that can move around.2) There may be a ‘discoverer’ who builds the most powerful and pretty robot-like robot for them to use.
3) A lab or game company can build a very durable, or even indestructible robot with various attacks and abilities.4) The robots or robots may not be that big. In one old game (Gex 3) I can’t remember them being bigger than 5′ 4″ tall.
5) It may be a ‘droid’ or ‘droids’ rather than a robot. The bad news is they may be AI, and they may not understand your language. The good news is they may be friendly, and they may be willing to fight your opponents for you.
6) They may make their own Robot-like machines, but they don’t usually go around building a whole bunch of them. They may be smarter, but if they are it is usually hidden. Most builders or users just want to put a good show on the screen.
7) They may be pretty expendable (and thus useable) for advanced combat uses. However they may make good servants, if they can be converted to working in an automobile in a way that doesn’t do harm to the user.
8) They may be locked up, and used as killer robots, but they may still serve you.
9) They may be ‘overpowered’ and use only part of the screen, and serve as a support robot (making your screen much more useful).
10) The whole game could be yours, not just a server.
11) They may be ‘powered’ up, and then be a ‘powerbot’, dedicated to your friends.


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