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Roblox is an online game development platform used for creating games, playgrounds, and virtual worlds of all kinds. Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, Roblox’s gaming platform allows users to code and run their own games. Roblox uses the programming language Lua, which was later used by Mkengynx to create the game Escape from Tarkov. Roblox began as a simple “game server”, and in 2007 it was acquired by the developer Mindfire Studios to become a major game publisher. In 2014, Roblox made the switch to an independent, publicly traded company. In August 2015, former Facebook employee David Baszucki took over the helm of Roblox, with the goal of creating a platform that would encourage creativity. He is known for his work on the Many Faces of Curiosity project, for which he received multiple awards at the Association for Computing Machinery SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.


Brief Overview

The system’s main website and mobile app are used to create and update games on the platform. These games can be programmed in the Roblox Studio or can be code automatically via a game template called “skins”. Each game is hosted in a Roblox Studio, or “world”, which allows players to create new games that are played with a “client”. Games created on Roblox can be played by users of all ages and in any location in the world where Roblox’s mobile app is available.

Roblox requires users to create a “game account” that is tied to their Roblox username. Users can view and manage their in-game friends on Roblox, and can send gifts and messages to other users. Within Roblox Studio, players can chat with one another, buy and sell items, challenge one another, and vote on Roblox’s decisions. Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency, can be purchased with real money or earned through gameplay on the platform. Additionally, Roblox has introduced V-bucks, a virtual currency that is earned through gameplay in ad-supported games that is used to buy in-game content and to access the V-Shop. Roblox has also introduced the “Robux Boost” program, which allows users to earn Robux while watching Roblox-hosted videos.

Roblox platforms

Roblox Studio

The Rob


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Once you click on “Redeem”, you will be able to use your free ROBUX on your game profile.


With the ROBUX generator you are guaranteed to enjoy playing your favorite mobile games for free! However, the following terms apply to you:

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We do not give any guarantees concerning the gameplay. However, we also do not have the means to enable you to play for free.

As we can’t give you real money, you should only use this generator with your own risk.

Always check if the generator you use is legal and work with a verified Robux generator.

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Custom in-game item cheat codes

Bisect Cheats & More

To get smited you need to buy the Bisect cheat item before playing.
Player-money using items is not allowed in this game.

Its usually very easy, but there’s a catch. The way you buy the item is:

First to create the item, make a buy code and make a price.
Then click the “Request Price” button.
Once the price appears, click the “Remove Price” button.
The buy code and the price will be submitted for approval.
A short time later, you’ll get a message if the buy was successful or if not.

You are not allowed to use a wrong buy code. Your only options are to remove the price or to submit a request for the buy.

You can buy The Bisect cheat item with the following command:

/buy bisect

Pokemon Dreamwear cheats

You have to get a Pokemon Dreamwear. From the main menu, choose “My Profile”. Then find the box where you usually go to view the different cheats you have. Scroll to the bottom of this box and you will see a list of three boxes. There will be one where you will have a list of different items. Choose the “Dreamwear” item. There will be a message box showing you how much it is to spend. Tap on “Buy” button. Tap on the “Yes, I want to do this” button.

Tap the left and right arrows to cycle through different choices. From the choices, you can choose the “Pokemon Dreamwear”.

You can spend up to 1000.00 Robux to buy this item.

Entering the Isle of Thieves

Players need to use the Isle of Thieves. From the main menu choose “Help”. Tap on “Create” then “New Island”. In the small window that pops up, choose “Isle of Thieves”. There will be a message on how much it will cost. Tap on “Buy” button. The player can enter the Isle of Thieves for free.

Rampages in the last 2 week period of the season.


Players need to summon the Draconica in the Draconica Hall. From the main menu choose “Chat” and tap on “New Chat Room”. In the small window that pops up, choose “Draconica


What’s new:


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How to robux for free?

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