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link removed. the below URL has the best result…. if not this one:
there are more or less between 50 and 100 files that are free to download.
But you can never run out of subtitles, even if you try, there will be more.
If you have these files, it will be worth to test the different settings for everything above to find the best ones.
Many of the files here are in xvid format (AVI + x264 or xvid) with and without subs and with all tags.
There are 7 different subtitles encodings, en, es, de, fr, ru, it, sl.
Here is a list, in order of importance, of the different encodings:

en: English
es: Spanish
de: German
fr: French
ru: Russian
it: Italian
sl: Slovenian

Of course you can mix them or add more.

How to install

install the following dependencies:
$ apt-get install cmake libasound2 libavformat53 libavdevice53 libavcodec53 libavutil53 libswscale2

To build x264, run:

To run the x264 test:
$ make

The output will be displayed to your terminal.

To install the x264:
$ make install

Now you can start x264:
$ sudobot x264.3.3-1.5.2.i686 >/dev/null 2>&1

More info in the README file, that is also shipped with x264.

Thanks to:



Version 2.0 – r2


Added more language to list of languages.


Language name

















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