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What is the difference between 社員 and 従業員?

This is my first question here, so please excuse me if there are some rules I’m missing.
I have two words of interest: 従業員 and 社員. The first one has a pretty obvious meaning and can be easily and quickly searched using a bilingual dictionary or searching on Google. However, I cannot find a clear and concise definition of the second one (社員)
The only thing I can think of is the following definition of 社員, which I don’t find very convincing.

A person who is employed by a company or organization.

Does anyone know the meaning or difference of 社員 from the context of economics?


The difference between 従業員 and 社員 is no difference.
従業員 means ’employee’. 社員 is just a synonym of 従業員.


社員 is to an underling. 従業

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