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May be you are using a computer with non active license.
If so you have to do this:
Click on Autodesk, or go to Autodesk directly, click on My Account, and then on License and Sales, you must see a yellow license area, it will be visible in the place you are watching at this moment.
If you are the only user of this computer with Autodesk software you are free to download the latest version of this software with Activation code and unlimited activations.


How can I extract only part of a string with regex?

I have a bunch of fields in a file that has stuff like this:
address_line1:123 main street

If there’s more than one set of data, like “person_lastname:toy” and “address_line2:”, I don’t want the rest of the data. However, if there’s only a single set of data, like “person_lastname:toy”, I don’t want to just skip the remaining data like so:

I’m trying to write a regex pattern that will extract the “person_lastname:” and “address_line1:” parts, and only those parts of the second set of “address” data, like so:
address_line1:123 main street

I started out with:

to only get the first two letters and “address_line1:” as I want to remove everything else. However, I only want the address_line1: part, not the :.
I am using sed to perform this manipulation, since I have only come across that way of doing things.
How do I get just the name of the first field, without the colon?


The typical sed separator is ;, so you have the following pairs,

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Is there any difference in usage of getIterator() and iterator() methods for Java Collection

Is there any difference in usage of getIterator() and iterator() methods for Java Collection?


They do exactly the same thing (return a java.util.Iterator).
I don’t know what you mean by the difference in “usage” though.


From Java Collection Package:

Returns a Collection view of the specified object. The returned collection is backed by the specified object, so changes in the object are reflected in the collection and vice-versa. The collection supports all of the optional list operations: contains(Object), last(), any(), all(Object), remove(int), subList(int, int), and toString(). It does not support the set operations: add(E) and retainAll(Collection).
If the specified object is a collection, the returned collection is a view of the specified collection. If the object is an array, a view of the specified array is returned.

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