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First of all I love the comparison here, although the color scheme seems a little off. I found this article to be quite humorous. I know there are issues with both GIS and ArcGIS but I think that the title of this site needs a little bit of a boost for getting people to visit this site.

ArcGIS is free open source software. If you need a billing solution for a company, why would you use arcgis. If you need to do some basic manipulation of vector data and GIS, why would you use arcgis. I find that QGIS is great for what it is for and supports more functions that ArcGIS. ArcGIS will take one or two extra clicks to do some things and QGIS will do it in half the amount of clicks.

It depends on you whether ArcGIS is the right software for you. When I first got ArcGIS I was taught everything by using ArcGIS. So I have never been a large fan of it. I am more knowledgeable of GIS then many of my friends and I use QGIS to work with my GIS and other GIS.

QGIS is an excellent tool, but, it’s a little less familiar to the typical GIS professional, so it’s less accessible. To me, ArcGIS has a larger potential following as it’s the standard in GIS and widely used in non-GIS jobs.

How can a 150kg file be reasonable to transfer? Your files are all GB and TB. 1M or 150k doesn’t make much difference in terms of capabilities (GPS data) or file size. You can use ESRI services for 1M or 150k files to view and download. QGIS is free, but not as up to date as ArcGIS. Download the raster module from That download should be fairly small. For the other components you need to subscribe to the latest subscription. QGIS does not have the capability to download raster data from the internet, only ArcGIS does. ArcGIS for personal use is $100, but QGIS is free.

I just used the file to convert the geodatabase into shapefile and then used the tow different methods to insert it into QGIS. If you have ArcGIS Pro, you can just drag it from the “database” tab to the shapefiles tab. There isn’t any mapping in QGIS, so you will have to design a raster grid. If you don’t have that option, you will have to look into paper maps, raster grids, etc.
I have found QGIS to be powerful in many aspects. Though, the input is messy when you need anything (easy) customised. For example, at the end of last week, I required writing an expression in ArcGIS so as to not to repeat the exact same thing for every feature. The expression from the ArcGIS table view was copied and pasted in expression builder (QGIS) and it worked out well.
We are unable to use 3D Analyst tools at work, but we can use 2D Analyst tools. However, I use and have used QGIS extensively since I started work as a GIS support engineer. I have had to use ArcGIS, GRASS GIS, Tableau, ArcGIS Pro, and many others.
Great article. I am just starting out with QGIS and learning. Most of the layout applications I see online are not easy to work with and are more suited for other business tools. As an aside, I use both QGIS and ArcGIS and find QGIS to be a nice front end to ArcGIS using custom pix maps to “grade” features when sending them to a client. Once an edit is approved, the data is sent via email to the client.
All in all I think QGIS is a good alternative to ArcGIS which is a phenomenal mapping tool for creating & publishing maps and would be a vital tool in a mapping teams overall work flow. Imagine making a map of an area of forest for example, you would at first download the.gdb or.shp file to your local hard drive and import it to QGIS to transform into a map. Then move on to the next step which would be to upload that map to your ArcGIS Server and then keep adding layers until your map is complete. I think QGIS is great for beginners and more so non-technical people that may not know exactly what the mapping process is. Just trying to figure out how to make a map in QGIS or wondering what the difference between ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Geodatabase is would be good places to start for users looking for an alternative. With QGIS you can create.gdb files & with your.gdb file imported to QGIS you get the ability to publish your map as a.pdf,.jpg or.png format. Like ArcGIS has publishing capabilities the.gdb file allows the user to control exactly what gets published on the map. Lastly as I stated QGIS also has good editing capabilities as well in tables.
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