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so, you start your first quest. it’s an easy one – you’ve got to find the remaining two members of the guard, a secret society of knights that’s been out to find the secret of the evil wizard and his plans to take over the world. oh, and you’ve also got to find a lost treasure – in bonetown, that’s any treasure that isn’t nailed down.

the only niggle i had with the demo was that the game would frequently crash when jumping. now this is fairly typical for these “let’s play” games, but i suspect it might have something to do with how much music there is – it felt like you had to have the volume on your pc turned up for the game to start. at the time, i had a lot of stuff running on my pc, including a bunch of background tasks – the game was about as responsive as one of those background update things can be.

want to party with hot chicks and get laid in a free-roaming video game bonetown is the first game to combine free roaming, action adventure gameplay with sex, drugs, and debauchery in one hilariously hardcore experience! merging games like grand theft auto and red dead redemption with outrageous drug-induced and sexual powers never before allowed in a video game, bonetown creates a world where crack makes you run quicker, weed lets you jump higher, and of course, you get to bone your way to the top as you seduce thousands of unique girls.

what’s great about it is how much effort’s been put into it. it is, in its own way, a real game – if you judged it on its mechanics, i suspect it’ll get a low score.. but not a catastrophically low sub-10% one, unless it trips the reviewers moral buttons. take the opening i described earlier – it actually did a better job of introducing what the game’s about than the majority of games, i suspect, which is rather depressing. its voice acting borders even on the good – the sex stuff, i suspect, is actually taken from people fucking, and sounds more convincing than most faked sex talk. i mean, it’s not good. it’s not even average. but through playing the demo, it’s hardly dull. i doubt you’ll wish you had the time you took to play it back, because – really – it’s not like anything you’ll have ever played before. or again, probably.

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time to fuck like a man! to make it even more interesting and exciting the game include some features for the proper adventurer: complete new camera modes complete new visual effects complete new sounds complete new graphic engine complete new level designer complete new controls (full mouse support)
features: 3d graphics – including multiple camera views 3d environment lots of animation lots of sex scenes (more than 50!) lots of sexual positions lots of characters to fuck complete story line complete story mode customizable characters fully customizable controls lots of backgrounds lots of music lots of sound effects various costumes

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