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this report provides background information about the american indian/alaska native (aian) population of oklahoma. it describes the oklahoma aian population at the time of the 2000 u.s. census and updates population counts and characteristics through 2008. the principal goals of the study were to provide information about the current distribution of oklahoma aians and to project what the oklahoma aian population will be in 2030. this report also describes the types of resources and programs available for oklahoma aians. the data in the report were collected during three special field days.

the office of inspector general (oig) reports to the u.s. department of education, office of inspector general (doe-oig). doe-oig’s mission is to prevent and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse in programs and operations administered by the department. the following report summarizes selected oig findings from 2003 to 2004 on comprehensive schools; federal funding and management of comprehensive schools; differential funding; student eligibility requirements; and post-secondary and secondary support services. the appendix includes the data that support oig findings on comprehensive schools; federal funding and management of comprehensive schools; differential funding; student eligibility requirements; and post-secondary and secondary support services. appendix d contains a list of comprehensive schools by geographic location.

doe order 144.1 provides direction to all departmental officials, staff, and contractors regarding fulfillment of trust obligations and other responsibilities arising from departmental actions which may potentially impact american indian and alaska native traditional, cultural, and religious values and practices; natural resources; treaty and other federally recognized and reserved rights.

in the summer of 1941, the indian educational service sent a letter to the state superintendent of public instruction requesting that american indian students be given the opportunity to take high school courses in their native language. in 1941, the state superintendent responded by stating that the bia would be responsible for funding the courses. despite these obstacles, american indian students began to take some college level courses, including english, math, and science. in 1942, the bia obtained an additional $20,000 for the indian educational service to offer the equivalent of two years of college work for american indian high school students.
the native american grave protection and repatriation act (nagpra) of 1990 is a federal law that requires that indian remains found in the united states be examined and, where possible, repatriated to the country of origin. the act also provides a procedural framework for the examination of remains and for their repatriation. it was drafted with the goal of protecting the cultural integrity of native americans and is designed to ensure that the needs of native americans are met as they confront the loss of cultural treasures that are of unique value.
when the united states was founded, most of the lands were owned by european and american colonial powers. the indigenous people who lived there were often displaced from their lands and forced to move to reservations. some still live on their ancestral lands, but most of them live on reservations. the united states government reserves the right to take land into trust for the benefit of the original people and their descendants.


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