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like the predecessor, age of empires ii, it combines real-time strategy, economic simulation, and battles between civilizations. the player, once again, may influence the course of history by choosing among four historical civilizations. the game has three types of civilizations: the historical civilizations, the fictional civilizations and the player civilizations.
age of empires 2 uses the same base engine as the first game, though with the addition of new features. for example, players can now manage the economy, command an army, buy and sell resources, and build structures to help their civilization prosper. age of empires ii is significantly more complex than the first game in the series. the age system has been replaced with five historical civilizations, and there are now thirty civilizations to choose from instead of four. there is also a feature called “campaign mode,” which allows players to create historical scenarios on a map, and play as one of the five historical civilizations. age of empires ii was released in 1999 and received positive reviews from critics. gamerankings gave it 88.54%, while metacritic gave it 87/100. a sequel was released in 2001. the gold edition was released in 2001, which included all the downloadable content that was released. age of empires iii was released in 2005, and received a positive review from ign. the gold edition was released in 2006.
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