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and the other thing that you said, in developing countries, those energy and electrification deficits, who would use it for a longer term? who would build a coal fired power plant that wouldn’t run for 30 years, maybe? well, the chinese are certainly, we have 16 coal fired power stations that are under construction right now. i think just those alone are going to boost the coal power around the world by another 4 gigawatts. and those are 12 gigawatts under construction, two gigawatts in operation, and another two gigawatts expected to be constructed in the future. so within the next 3 years alone, those two countries you mentioned that are putting up coal plants are going to create another 4 gigawatts of coal-fired electricity globally.

and then you had one other question from the audience on the hydro. so, the immingham project in england. the difficulty there was on a couple of levels. first of all, it’s not an interconnected project. there is no transfer of power from the wind turbines to the hydro turbines, and that’s why it struggles. it does need more capacity, it needs more turbines, it needs more power, if it can kind of figure out how to do that. but the other problem is that if we look at the global situation, a lot of the hydro projects are under-construction but they are going to run for decades because theyre not capable of giving up so much power.

there have also been concerns that in the much more draconian environment that the west has now, that chinas investments are essentially made in a way to slow down our economic growth and would be seen as attempts to have a trade war with the united states, but i think that thats a very unlikely situation, and i think that most american policymakers look at the plight that these countries are in, how they are going to get electricity out to their people, and they understand that its a modern day infrastructure problem, and an issue that we can all use to better move the world forward. i think that that perspective is going to trump any information-gathering that would happen in these countries. its just a pure long term economic opportunity.

if you look at their willingness to finance in the past, they have been willing to, particularly in africa, in particular, to finance other countries to build dams, in particular, to build dams for water supply purposes. and i think that we can say, that was not really a very good idea. if we look at a lot of these loans, in many cases, its been used for other purposes than what the financing was intended for, and the rest of the world hasnt recognized that and really made sure that these projects have been kept within their intended purpose. so i think that they are willing to finance these kinds of power plants that are built with the purpose of providing energy. and i think they are willing to do that because they understand that they are helping these countries become middle income countries and sustain themselves in the longterm. but i think they are very conscious of the fact that they are building these projects with the purpose of providing a future source of energy for their own country as well as for the countries in the region, and for the recipient countries.
and it is more that they are building these things in a way to kind of reach out and connect with the rest of the world. its not just about building power plants. its also about linking in with other countries in the region, developing a more powerful position in the region. and so as they kind of grow in the region, as they make themselves strong in their own backyard, they want to connect, for example, with the countries in the middle east, with the countries in the african continent.
this is certainly true in the case of some of the major projects that they have been involved with in africa, and of course, in places like the mekong. and then of course, the whole asian region. so they are very much aware of the fact that they are kind of reaping the benefits of building these new energy infrastructure projects that are going to help connect their economy to the rest of the world.

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