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Mi Cloud Cmd Mode Edl

the second option is to work with law enforcement and continue to do what we’ve always done: protect the law. this obviously means that we had to make a choice between doing what we’d promised to our customers and do the right thing. this is not a choice that we take lightly, and it is not something that we do easily. we’re committed to the right thing, and to protecting the reputation of our team, our service, and our users. therefore, segment will not take any steps that would make us complicit in facilitating data loss.

i’m sure you can see where this is going. protecting our service, our customers, and our reputation requires us to make difficult decisions. we might not always do what is right, but you should trust that we do what we think is the right thing. and as long as our users trust that we do what we feel is right, segment can continue to do what we can to make the world a safer place.

for the purposes of this document, the bootloader is defined as the unlockable portion of the device. it can be one of the two following configurations:

  • unlocked and contains no encryption.

  • locked and contains encryption.

here, there is no mode selected from hardware. if you do a terminal access to your device, you should be greeted by at least one of the following options.

  • default or stock bootloader: booted from factory default or stock bootloader
  • fastboot: could be unlocked but contains no encryption. it means the bootloader and user data is unlocked and readable by adb or fastboot
  • keeper: could be locked but contains encryption.
  • locked bootloader: booted from lock screen

but for many individuals and small businesses, cloud adoption is still in the early days. to help them, we are releasing a number of new solutions and services around the cloud. these complementary offerings can help these users be a little bit more connected to where their data lives, and more importantly, where they are going.
not being able to secure your files is a scary thing for anyone. its easy to imagine that sensitive data is constantly being stolen or lost, but those types of risks are not something that segment considers acceptable. security on our platform is at the core of everything we do. we built our entire service from the ground up to provide the security that businesses need for their business.
to be clear, data loss is one of the most serious security risks that you can deal with when working in cloud. we want to make sure our service gives you the confidence to use it, and we know that this isn’t possible unless we put all of our customers and ourselves above the law. when we started out, we had no idea how much of our customers data we were going to have to make inaccessible. we needed to make a choice between doing what we felt was right and doing what we thought would be right. we chose the first option.
of course, this is just one incident. data loss is always a risk in the cloud. for these types of incidents, the primary goal for protecting our service and our customers is to help the affected users. we can do this by offering unsecured uploads (to allow for easy recovery) and restoring access to your data (as soon as we can) to allow you to get back up and running. we also have a very active security response team that has our service protected with the most advanced security we can offer.




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