Eplan P8 Serial Number Validatio

41 launch the configuration program it is recommended that you launch the configuration program via the windows start menu because the configuration program does not appear automatically in the taskbar. double-click the eplan icon elm configurator ( ). the eplan license manager configurator dialog opens. notes: if you want to have the borrow, event log, rights management and failure protection tabs displayed, you must have valid licenses. see table 3 for the license types that are required for each tab. if you have selected “0” for enabled in the event type column, the event type “0” will be displayed and the event will not be recorded to the event log. 41 eplan license manager installation instructions

22 define settings for the borrowed license on the borrow tab, enter a valid license serial number for the borrowed license. the license serial number must be in the following format: %[license serial number] the license serial number is displayed in the following format: %[license serial number].

1. open control panel. 2. click the add or remove programs icon in control panel. 3. the control panel program of the operating system opens. 4. click the eplan rds program. 5. click [change / remove]. 6. the uninstallation then begins. please note: you must be logged on to the local computer in order to install and uninstall eplan rds. a logon is required for any windows update. double-clicking the setup program will only create an icon, which cannot be removed. however, you can safely delete the shortcut, if you wish. 7. finally, click [ok]. the eplan rds program has now been successfully removed. the following section describes the steps required to update the eplan license manager. you must update the configuration program and the eplan license manager on each client computer. note: you must be logged on to the local computer in order to update the eplan license manager. 64

37 eplan license manager license server the license server is the server on which you installed the eplan license manager. if you have not yet installed the eplan license manager on this server, please install the server first. in the following dialog, you can select the license server and specify the ip address or url of the license server and the port on which it is listening for communication. the default port of the license server is 11111. you can enter the license server url if you want to use ssl. the ssl certificate must be installed on the license server. however, if you use a valid ssl certificate, you can even enter a self-signed certificate. this certificate is usually installed on the eplan license manager license server. if you want to be able to use this self-signed certificate, you must use the appropriate check box. enter the name of the ssl certificate here. if you are using a self-signed certificate, you can enter a description here. the following fields are available: 1.
4 installation of eplan license manager using a configuration file if you want to install the eplan license manager using a configuration file, you must first set the necessary values in the file. the following section describes this procedure using windows server 2003 as an example. setting up the configuration file opening the text file with a text editor, insert the required settings in the following order: version number [version number] (6 digits) company name [company name] (4 to 32 characters) eplan license manager [license manager product] (4 to 32 characters) eplan rds [rds] (4 to 32 characters) eplan license manager serial number [serial number] (4 to 32 characters) eplan rds serial number [dongle serial number] (4 to 32 characters) eplan license manager support email [support@elmsoftware.de] (email) eplan license manager support fax [support@elmsoftware.de] (fax) creating the configuration file before you insert the required settings, make sure that the system time is correct. you can do this by clicking start, select settings > control panel, and then clicking on the current time tab. the current time is automatically selected. this procedure can also be done by right-clicking on the clock on the desktop. after the current time has been set, simply open the text file (see the following section), make the changes, and then save it as a new file. 6. copy the new text file into the same folder as the setup.exe file on the cd. to do this, right-click on the setup.exe file and select [copy]. 7. now right-click on the new configuration file and select [open with..] and then select [notepad]. 8. in notepad, remove the old text file from the clipboard (right-click on the [x] button in the top-right corner and select [select all] and then [cut]). 9. once the text file has been copied, remove the setup.exe file from the cd and replace it with the text file. 10. run the setup.exe file. 11. follow the instructions of the installation wizard in the subsequent dialogs. eplan license manager installation instructions 4



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