Mathcad 15 License Dat [NEW]


Mathcad 15 License Dat

Oct 2, 2014 – Hi! I recently reinstalled Mathcad 15 (student edition/license) on my Windows 8.1 machine. Every time I start Mathcad 15 I get …” You should not use this Mathcad on the Internet or on a network as this may result in data corruption.”
I don’t know why this is happening as I use Mathcad 15 to solve problems and save them to disk.
I have tried running Mathcad 15 from a disc rather than from a CD.
I tried uninstalling Mathcad and reinstalling it again.
I tried to open Mathcad 15 with another Mathcad CD.
I had no problems with Mathcad 15 with Mathcad 10 CD and MuLayna 10.
I tried


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