Certain folders on your PC can be quite difficult to access, and populating your desktop with numerous shortcuts is not always the best option.
Extra Subst is a nifty program that offers a solution, as it allows you to create additional virtual drives that lead to specific folders. You can use any of the available drive letters and enable or disable these shortcuts at any time.
Useful application that enables you to create virtual drives
Creating a new virtual drive is a simple affair, as you simply need to determine which directory it should be linked with and assign it one of the remaining drive letters. The new virtual drive shares its disk space with the physical drive the linked folder is stored on.
However, it is not possible to change the labels of the created drives. Because of this, it is rather difficult to tell them apart or find specific items, as their only unique feature is the assigned drive letter.
Manage the extra drives and enable or disable them at any time
The application displays all the virtual drives in a simple list, and any of them can be removed when no longer required. Of course, no data is lost when you perform this action, as the virtual drive only links you to an existing folder on your computer.
Extra Subst can load the created virtual drives on Windows startup, so there is no need to launch the program and enable each of them manually after every restart.
Straightforward application that is suitable for novices
The program cannot damage existing partitions, so inexperienced users should not be worried about losing important files.
Moreover, the application provides a decent amount of documentation, which should help first-time users understand how everything works.
In conclusion, Extra Subst is a handy piece of software that enables you to create numerous virtual drives that are linked with certain folders on your system. The application is very easy to use, but the generated drives cannot be assigned custom labels, making it rather difficult to tell them apart.







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Small, fast and user-friendly utility that enables you to create numerous virtual drives that are linked to a specific folder on your PC. Extra Subst does not alter existing partition and can be used with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

How to Use:

Download and install Extra Subst from Microsoft Store. Launch Extra Subst.
Browse through the folders and select the folder that should be linked with a new virtual drive. If you need to have two separate virtual drives, you can also create two separate virtual drives, as Extra Subst has a feature of this sort.
Right-click on the folder to link with a new virtual drive and click the “Add virtual drive” option. Extra Subst will then automatically detect the folder you have selected and ask you to create a new virtual drive.
Click “Yes” to create a new virtual drive. In case you don’t, a dialog will appear, allowing you to select the name for the new virtual drive.
If you selected the folder to link with two separate virtual drives, the name of the virtual drives will be “Virtual drive 1” and “Virtual drive 2”. The name of the physical drive that holds the linked folder will also be displayed.
Right-click on the virtual drive you have just created and choose “Disable”. This will disable the virtual drive and remove it from the list of the available drives.
Click “Yes” to confirm that the chosen folder should be linked with the virtual drive.
To delete a virtual drive, right-click on it and choose “Delete”.

Be careful when using any software that might erase important files on your PC. We do not guarantee that any file or folder can be fully deleted and will not be held responsible for any deleted files or folders.

System requirements:

Windows 7 or later

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For people who love keyboard shortcuts, KEYMACRO makes them accessible, thanks to a totally customizable set of commands and bindings. Use the shortcut keys to open, close, minimize, maximize, and focus windows, perform certain actions on applications, and more.
Useful application that allows you to customize keyboard shortcuts
Any keyboard shortcuts can be defined by adding custom actions to the program. You can bind them to any type of keypresses, and you can configure them to be triggered whenever the cursor is in a specific window.
KEYMACRO also provides an option to use the F1 key for launching the settings dialog, but you can redefine the default actions for various keys. You can find these in the settings, but we recommend using the default values because they work perfectly.
This key-mapping utility is a bit limited, as it only supports Windows-based computers, but it does provide an acceptable set of commands and you can always add more as you go.
The application automatically detects what you need, but if you find it doesn’t understand your shortcuts, you can force it to reread the settings file to ensure everything is fine.
Straightforward application that provides limited customization
We can see the program works perfectly, as it detects the necessary keys and shortcuts. The only minor drawback is that it doesn’t always perform correctly, as in some situations it might get confused and make mistakes.
A problem occurs when users move the windows around the desktop, as the program tries to change the keybindings for all of them. This means that you can only keep one shortcut per window at a time.
In addition, we encountered some problems while loading some of our favorite shortcuts, as the program doesn’t always detect them correctly. However, these issues are rather rare and users should not be worried about them.
The program is also a bit limited, as it only works with the Windows platform, and it doesn’t provide a graphical user interface. However, the instructions on the help files and the program’s usage notes are quite detailed and easy to understand, so you shouldn’t have any problems.
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Extra Subst Activation Code [Win/Mac]

Extra Subst is an easy to use application that allows you to create virtual drives on your PC. The program loads extra drives at Windows startup. All the created virtual drives are listed in a simple interface that makes it simple to remove or rename them. You can choose from the existing drive letters or create new ones. More…

By browsing the world of old computer games, we may recall the era when Atari, Commodore and other home computers ruled the roost. There were no much different operating systems, and they were all pretty much the same, with the main difference being the games.
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You can read more about this story in our story: WebBrowser games – the best of all time.

By browsing the world of old computer games, we may recall the era when Atari, Commodore and other home computers ruled the roost. There were no much different operating systems, and they were all pretty much the same, with the main difference being the games.
If your parent, aunt or grandma bought you the latest Atari home computer and gave you a copy of your very own Dig Dug, you must have been in heaven. Right? Well, the thing is, Dig Dug is the same game you were playing with your friends on the Commodore PET, with the same graphics and sound, even the same typing sound when you typed the word “warp”. If you played the game on the Amstr

What’s New In?

Extra Subst is a small, free, easy to use utility that allows you to create virtual drives. It creates a new drive, links it with a directory, and allows you to access it from the desktop. The virtual drive does not have to be on your C: drive, or even installed. You can just pop open the virtual drive and start working with any file. Virtual drives can be used with or without Windows 8.


Free, easy, fast. The basis for your home network.

S&P is a Free, easy-to-use application that provides a fast, secure, and reliable home network. The main features are:

– Internet access for all computers in the home network- Wifi and LAN connection- Internet Explorer and Firefox browser on any computer- Network and Internet sharing- Your IP address and personal website

With S&P you don’t have to look for another network or another ISP. The system automatically checks the home network for routers and switches, identifies the fastest and most reliable route to the Internet, and then connects to it.

You can access the network from anywhere. All networked devices can be seen and managed from any computer on the network. The computers will be always online, and connected to the most reliable route to the Internet.

With S&P you can use any computer or device on your home network to surf the internet through the Internet Explorer or the Firefox browser. Your computer can be in one of the rooms of your house, in the garden, or even in your car.

You can share your computer and Internet connection with the rest of the house. All the computers connected to your home network can access your files and share them through the Internet. You can share any folder and access it from anywhere, using any computer. This can be done for personal purposes, to share your documents with the rest of the family, or to manage your documents and media libraries from anywhere.

You can use any other computer in your home network to access your files and surf the internet through the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. This can be done for personal purposes, to share your documents with the rest of the family, or to manage your documents and media libraries from anywhere.

Your private network and your website. With S&P you can access your personal files and browse the internet using the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser on any computer on the network. Your network is the same as your private network, so your computer will have access to all the files and folders on the other computers in your home network, and to all the files and folders on your external drives.

S&P offers a system for automatic user profile management. The system checks the online presence of each user, and updates the personal information of the user account on the web site. For instance, S&P will update the user’s username and password, the user’s photo, and


System Requirements:

Minimum requirements:
Operating System: OSX 10.9.5
Memory: 2GB
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i5
Video Card: N/A
Hard Disk: 8 GB or more
CD-ROM drive: 50 MB
Javascript: Open Flash Professional v4.6.0 or higher.
The current version of Adobe Flash Professional is
In the Flash Player Settings you need to add the following:
Library Path: /Users/


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