Regardless of whether you are implementing an email marketing campaign or you are just trying to improve the communication with your team mates, one of the things you need to account for is that your message gets across to the right recipients.
Mixmax Live is a Chrome extension for Gmail that enables you to keep track of all the emails you carefully prepared and sent accurately.
Enables you to send custom messages to an entire group
First off, you should know that you cannot access the utility unless you have a Gmail account and you open your email client with Google Chrome. You can seamlessly install the tool by adding it from the browser's extensions section.
The highlight of the app is that it enables you to send customized messages at any desired time. In fact, you can book meetings with colleagues or partners and sent emails notifying the participants by accessing the one-click scheduling function.
Instead of sending multiple individual messages, you can notify all the interested parties about an event or appointment and select an appropriate time as well as date and the utility does the rest.
Comes with a template creator and group management functions
It is worth mentioning that the utility includes a comprehensive function that enables you to create professional-looking templates for all the messages you sent. While it does come with a few templates by default, you can easily create your own from previous emails you sent.
In addition, the extension allows to create a wide variety of polls, manage your contact list, update your signature, share files and receive updates when the recipients opened the message you sent them. All these features can come in handy when you are coordinating a project or want to manage your team better.
A great Gmail extension that can save you a lot of time
All in all, Mixmax Live comes with numerous tools that allow you to customize your messages and make sure everyone makes it to a meeting and could prove to be an excellent choice for managing team projects.







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Send customized emails to the entire group at once
Create custom templates
Manage contacts
Schedule meetings
Comes with a logo uploader
Automatically generates signatures and logs every time
Facebook Like, Tweet and G+ buttons
Easily block spam
How to Install Mixmax Live on Chrome:
1. Navigate to the browser’s extension section.
2. Hit the download button and open the downloaded file.
3. Once the file is downloaded, open it from your browser.
4. You will see a page prompting you to provide access to your Gmail account.
5. Now, you are set to create an account.
Mixmax Live Features:
1. Email templates
You can choose to use the user-friendly templates provided by the Mixmax Live app or you can create your own.
2. Group management
As a team leader, you can keep tabs on all your contacts and manage them at any given time with ease.
3. Schedule meetings
Create a meeting and ensure that everyone is set to attend.
4. Poll and poll template
Send multiple polls in a simple manner with the help of the poll templates.
5. Update your signature
Upload your logo and make sure that your signature looks great and unique.
6. Customize emails
You can easily create your own email templates without having to copy and paste from previous emails.
7. Block spam
There is a useful feature that allows you to control spam, which allows you to block emails from a specific sender.
8. G+ Like, Tweet and Share
Allow all your contacts to like, share or tweet your email in a seamless manner.
9. Easily add subscribers to your contact list
Enroll your contacts in your contact list to stay organized and connected.
10. Send file
Make sure that your contacts receive the files you send to them and make sure they are not buried in a folder.
11. Easily create custom signatures
If you have a special message for a specific contact, you can make sure it gets read.
12. Automatically logs every time
Comes with a wide-range of tools that enable you to get the most out of your Google inbox.
13. Forward and forward multiple
Forward emails in a simple manner to multiple contacts.
14. Create polls
Send multiple polls in a simple manner with the help of the poll templates.

Have you ever been unable to find an email message that was sent by

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Email is an amazing method of communication, but it is also one of the most expensive tools in the world. A well thought-out email campaign can quickly add up, and your company could end up paying more than you would have hoped.
To help you out, we have compiled a list of the best free tools that can help you manage and compose an email campaign with minimal effort.
#1: Campaign Monitor
The most powerful email marketing tool comes from a company known for its design and user-friendly experience. The tool is simple, but powerful.
Let’s get started.
#2: Mailshake
Mailshake is a tool that enables you to send customized emails to multiple contacts at the same time. The tool’s simplicity has garnered it a lot of praise, and the solution to your campaign could be as simple as creating a new campaign and using the program’s inbuilt mail merge function.
#3: MailThis
With MailThis, you can send personalized messages with built-in tools that make sending emails easier than ever.
#4: Drip
Drip is an email automation tool that enables you to set up your email campaign once, and the app does the rest.
#5: Campaigner
Campaigner is a tool that enables you to send personalized emails to your contacts within minutes.
There you have it. Five great tools that can help you manage your email campaigns in style.
Let us know what you think in the comments section below, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more tips and tricks.
Remember to share this video with your friends, family, and loved ones.

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What’s New in the Mixmax Live?

Flexible Fluid Layout – Simples, Responsive and Cross Browser Compatible
What is new in this version:
Version 1.1.0:
Corrected bugs
What is new in version 1.1.0:
Version 1.1.0:
Corrected bugs
* Fixed sharing issues
* Fixed issue with Pekka’s template
* Fixed bug that caused email sending issue
* Fixed issues with the download manager
* Updated documentation
What is new in version 1.0.1:
Version 1.0.1:
* Updated README with the changes
What is new in version 1.0.0:
Version 1.0.0:
* Initial release
What is new in version 0.9.0:
* Renamed MixmaxLive.css to mixmax.css
* Updated README with the changes
* Updated to Proximalform as our development system
What is new in version 0.8.0:
* Added ui.createButton() for creating custom buttons
* Bug Fixes
What is new in version 0.7.0:
* Bug fixes
* Added plupload for sending attachments
What is new in version 0.6.2:
* Added the new version icon in the menu bar.
What is new in version 0.6.1:
* Added the option to hide the add to window button
* New Project page
* Improved documentation
What is new in version 0.6.0:
* Updated logo
What is new in version 0.5.3:
* Bug Fixes
What is new in version 0.5.2:
* Fixed bug that caused email sending issues
What is new in version 0.5.1:
* Added folder icons on the share page
* Bug Fixes
What is new in version 0.5.0:
* Added the option to share the files
* Added folder icons on the share page
* Removed 4 space layout
What is new in version 0.4.0:
* Added the option to share the files
* Added share to localhost icons
* Added library to check for google maps api key
* Fixed bug that caused email sending issue
What is new in version 0.3.0:
* Added share link text
* Added share to google maps
* Added in the divider to make the table more fluid
* Added a cancel button for when the share window closes
* Added share to localhost
* Added another share to localhost
What is new in version 0.2.0:
* Added the option to share to localhost
What is new in version 0.1.0:
* Initial release
Users of the Free Version:
* You will receive a code to access the admin page
* A weekly update report

System Requirements:

Recommended: Intel i5-4590, 8 GB RAM, 32-bit Windows
Advertised As: Windows 10
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