From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle Torrent ((NEW))


From Rock To Fusion By Tom Quayle Torrent

Love drum fills? You’ll love this drum track from Tom Quayle’s legendary DVD. This video-only track makes up the final part of the modern legato lesson. Tom delivers amazing fills but even more he emphasizes the technical approach he teaches in these lessons so you can create your own versions using the tips he gives.

This video lesson is a time commitment! If you’ve got a passion for jazz rock, then you’ll be kicking ass in no time. The video is in front of you so you can follow along to see the more technical aspects of a solid jazz rock groove. Silent Fills, roller fill patterns, rim rolling, split/smooth roll downs, rolling exercises, double tapping, smoothing out triplets, etc. are all covered.

Get your jazz guitar chops to the next level with this Lesson from Tom Quayle’s Modern Legato Lesson series. This lesson covers everything from slap styles to tapping. Make sure you are tuned to C -tuning.

Other similarities can be found by drummers, which tend to be expert at creating patterns or, at least, are aware of them. For example, ‘playing in patterns’ could include having a tendency to groove from x to x, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6, or 6 to 1.

Another example might be when a drummer would play something in a manner that sounded as if he was playing endless scales or something, and also has a tendency to play with a wide range of sticking as well.

Earworms are a fine companion to crunchy groove-fusion bass lines and can usually be identified by their volume. Often we hear a bass player drops his bottom from one octave to another before playing a riff in order to keep the rhythmic feel and harmony going.


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