Grimm Book Of Wesen Pdf 107

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Grimm Book Of Wesen Pdf 107

Renard (played by Blanca Guerra) is the fiancée of Hank. Like Hank, she knows of Nick’s secret and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her. In episode “Wesenrein”, Renard is kidnapped and held hostage in a makeshift wesen jail. There, she discovers Hank is a Grimm and Nick was supposed to treat her as an ally. For the rest of the season, she protects Nick and helps him fight the multiple wesen outbreaks in Portland. She escorts Nick and Adalind’s daughter Diana to Switzerland to escape Black Claw. In “The Price”, she provides a diversion for Jake by pretending to be kidnapped and demanding the Trials for information on the wesen uprising. In “The Mime Order”, Nick tracks down Renard in Argentina, where she is involved with human rebels against the wesen regime. In the first eight episodes of season 5, she works to uncover the truth behind Klara’s death. In “Fallout”, she discovers Black Claw is planning a coup and targets Monroe for arrest. She then leads the resistance against Black Claw, using her wesen ability to impersonate people so that they will be easier to track and kill. After the battle, she convinces Nick to stay and work for Hadrian’s Wall, a group working against Black Claw. After she is injured during an attack, Nick shoots Renard in the head and she bleeds to death.

The hunter (played by Mark R. Cudlitz) is the leader of a hunting group that tracks down wesen in Portland by hunting anyone who appears either wesen or wesen-like in appearance. In his first appearance, he pretends to be a lawyer to get information about a wesen sighting. He tries to take down Monroe and believes that Nick is a Grimm, though Nick calls him crazy. He reappears in “The Outing”, catching a wesen-like creature that was in the vicinity of a young boy, and arrests it. He finally believes that Nick is a Grimm when Nick uses his wesen abilities to vanquish him. In “The Price”, he tracks Monroe for information, but no longer considers him a threat to Nick or his friends. In “For Your Eyes Only”, he tracks down a wesen hiding in the sewers.[new


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