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Tonsillectomy has long been considered a mainstay of patient care. This review examines the best evidence and the controversies in the management of this procedure. Tonsillectomy continues to be a hotly debated procedure. Most of the data have been reported as retrospective or prospective case series, and the strength of evidence is therefore variable. There are some indications where the most effective management is thought to be tonsillectomy (including acute tonsillitis and hypertrophy) and other indications in which there is greater uncertainty (such as sleep disordered breathing). Tonsillectomy remains an important part of a general practice; however, it is an invasive surgery that must be considered carefully and carefully documented. Most patients are expected to have a good recovery without significant morbidity. The role of tonsillectomy in the control of infection and the management of sleep disordered breathing remains uncertain. There is some evidence that it can cause polysomnography changes, but it remains uncertain whether this can be overcome by less invasive techniques. There are also some indications (e.g., peritonsillar abscess) in which there is a higher risk of secondary infection. There is now evidence for an increase in surgical site infections after tonsillectomy. There is also some suggestion that more patients might be harmed by severe adenotonsillar disease. Furthermore, the role of tonsillectomy in the control of snoring is also unclear.[Pertussis vaccination in pregnant women and transmission to newborns].
Pertussis is a vaccine-preventable disease, and one of the three major causes of bacterial pneumonia worldwide. The aim of this study was to evaluate the degree of pertussis immunization among pregnant women and the possible pertussis infection with transmission to the fetus. Pertussis vaccination status among pregnant women from 2006 to 2009 was investigated retrospectively, whereas details of the pregnant women with and without pertussis symptoms were also examined. The infection rate of pertussis in newborns was determined by providing pertussis culture from infantile specimens. The information was collected from the third tr


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